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New DOTA Map 6.68b

New DOTA Map 6.68b

by Khris CruzJuly 31, 2010

After months of eager anticipation, the long wait is finally over as Icefrog releases Dota’s latest patch 6.68b with lots of balance changes and additional 4 new heroes namely:


You can download the latest patch/map here.

Defense of the Ancients (commonly known as DotA) is a custom scenario for the real-time strategy video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on the “Aeon of Strife” map for StarCraft.

The objective of the scenario is for each team to destroy the opponents’ Ancients, heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map. Players use powerful units known as heroes, and are assisted by allied heroes and AI-controlled fighters called “creeps”.  As in role-playing games, players level up their heroes and use gold to buy equipment during the mission.

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Khris Cruz
is currently a member of a medical imaging team in a government hospital in the middle east. Aside from being a medical professional, Khris loves computer games and spends much of his free time in playing DOTA. Khris is also into travel and photography. Follow more of Khris’ game tricks and reviews in this site.
  • Wah.. Released days ago??? Something is wrong with me.. I’m so so late hahaha…

  • khriscruz

    Wow… subukan na yan heheheh.. DOTA NA!!!!…

  • I love this game! =)

  • PeterTosh

    woooooooootttttt 2 new hero may bagong kakabisaduhin nanaman ako hahaha TFS idol

  • PeterTosh

    4 pala sorry hahaha

  • Never tried DOTA…but it kind of cool to play so what’s special about this game sir?

  • i used Gyrocopter and he’s really good! try mo tosh!
    @tsi, very special! lols! you should try it Tsi and then soon, you can play it with your son. =)

    • Aryt man, nice blog here, and thanks for sharing..yeah maybe my kid would love this game but i guess its not advisable for his age, PBSKIds will do if he wants to play, its a learning stuff online.

      Rock on and keep blogging sir. :P

  • KHR

    I guess the first time you start playing this game you’ll probably be wondering what the hell you’re doing running around killing some damn creeps and just end up getting bored coz I know I did.
    I believe that what makes this game special is what you make the most of it and that is when you start playing it out with friends. It’s only then that you start to enjoy the game as you compete amongst friends.
    You’ll learn to outsmart, strategize, team up, become an expert tactician, support your teammates, learn to taunt :), be annoying or probably get annoyed yourself at some point hehehe. If you do lose, you’ll probably be thinking what you did wrong and do better next time with new strategies or if you do win, you’ll get bragging rights hehehe.
    But ultimately, its all about enjoying the game amongst friends and build camaraderie and simply have fun!!!

    By the way, it’s also a good stress reliever or put more stress in you hehehe.

    • Thanks KHR, it seems that you’re a professional DOTA player, im afraid if im going to start playing it, maybe it’ll become more than a hobby for me like hmmm it turns into a staple part of my life LMAO, and can be hard to give up hehe, but gonna try it in my spare time. :D

      Awesome thanks.

  • jason

    best game ever. lol OA ko lang. meron kasi ako dito sa office kaso ayaw gumana ng bagong maps. kelangan ko ng installer ng newest version ng frozen throne siguro. mag instal din kaya ako ng GG client. kaso ma-lag tong koneksyon ko bonbon :))

    try ko muna downloaden map na to excited ako sa new hero. last hero na na excite kasi ako eh si huskar pa. so late na lol