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Tech Review: DSLR Canon EOS50D

Tech Review: DSLR Canon EOS50D

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There are 3 key things for good photography: the camera, lighting and… photoshop. But, what if these 3 are in one package?  and ofcourse that would be cool! Well, Canon cameras have a complete array of selections with a promise of an amazing image quality and outstanding performance, from compact digitals to digital SLRs.  i got a Canon EOS50D and would say, it’s really a worth-buying DSLR.

Welcome to the first edition of Taragis’ Tech Review,we feature gadgets, applications and all other things that comprise hybrids of technology.

DSLR – digital single-lens reflex is a digital camera that uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera. Recently, we are stunned on the development of these DSLRs, their capabilities, features and the uncomparable quality of their digital output .  Lots of hobbyist and professionals choose  DSLR because of its ability of changeable lenses and accurate preview of framing. Lots of  top of the line DSLRs can now be quickly found  and easily purchased online and what’s good about it is that you can always make a product comparison. Each brand and model caters unique features and high standard image processing.

My pick? it’s a Canon EOS50D  geared with a 15.1 megapixel and 6.3 fps, really awesome. It bridges the gap between the novice and the seasoned pro with a perfect combination of high-speed and quality. EOS50D’s 15.1 megapixel cmos censor makes everything perfect, giving you ultimate image quality results.  also geared with new DIGIC 4 Image Processor for optimum detail and superior color reproduction, comes with improved ISO capabilities up to  to 12800 for unprecendeted shooting even in the dimmest situations. Image review can be done on its 3.0-inch LCD – 920,000 dots. Live view function with face detection will give relief to novice photographer who prefers shooting using lcd view. It also features automatic image correction settings and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output.

While DSLR is quite a bulky gadget, it would be wise if you could have a digital compact at all times because you can never tell when you will need a camera,  and point and shoot camera can do the job, a handy Canon D10 could be your perfect small companion on some of your adventures. It is a waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof  12.1megapixel digital camera.

Photography is really a one of a kind hobby and a fulfilling job, if it’s your passion, you should pursue it. People who are in this field are really admirable because they capture moments, they illustrate life, and best of all they document  history! 

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  • I want a DSLR, pls do donate, LMAO..great review man and I would love to try photography, gonna bookmark this post at least I do have an idea before I purchase one. Sounds coool.

    Taragis: Thanks Tsi, =) c’m on get em now!

  • ang galing nito!
    pangarap ko talaga magka DSLR. tsk

    Taragis: Monz, kaya mo naman bumili diba! yaman eh!

  • Hmm nice review.. i’m still a fan of Nikon!! :)

    taragis: haha. i support nikon too!

  • Tosh

    I’m Sony user but Im craving for Canon 7D =)hehe nice Cam Sir bons
    Photoshoot na tayo Idol =)

    taragis: haha tosh, i know you are so much comfortable with you baby sony. but you should try or give canon a one big shot!

  • bon, dika ba nagpapamigay ng ganyang camera? pangarap ko yan.hehe

    taragis: haha balita ko laki ng kita mo sa raket eh kayang kayang bumili =)

  • wow dami mo site kua bon…. eto na ba gamit mo? kasi yung bonistation parang june pa yung last post…. padaan lang…

    taragis: thanks cuteberl. dalaw kalang palagi! ^^ rock ‘on!

  • MD

    how much yung DSLR? although kinakapa ko pa rin ang photoshop.. i’ve read one of your neat tricks editing pictures! so unti-unti kong pinupursue ang photography… i’m liking this blog so much! magaleng kuya bons!

    taragis: you can check the link to canon cameras, you can shop online if you want =). thanks md for the photoshop comment!

  • IT Master Bon, paano mag lagay ng code para sa badge ko sa widget, para kopyahin ng iba? Kasi yung badge ko magiging link kapag nilagay ko sa widget ko. Gusto ko yung cut n paste parang sa inyo ni BM. Thanks!

    taragis: sent you an email atty.

  • Aba me ganito pala si bons.

    Me pagtatanungan na ako about IT stuff. yey. hhehehe\

    taragis: haha ayos alng timangkey, basta kayang sagutin why not. salamat sa pagbisita!!

  • TDB

    a lot of people has a dslr, too bad they don’t put it into good use, point and shoot. boom! that’s it. sayang. oh well, better resolution nga naman.

    • yeah, they just only wanted a very high megapixel and then that’s it. =)

  • WanderingPiscean

    Nice blog! Very informative :)

    Bons: Thanks Wandering!

  • nakita ko may comment si taragis sa isang blog

    nakita ang preview page

    hmmm diba si bon yun?

    si bon nga lol

    Bons: cheese, yes this is Bon ^^ lol

  • 2pe

    TARAGIS!!!!! business man

  • Yusz

    Nasa wishlist ko DSLR cam wahhhh….

  • Zen

    Ang mahal.. Dehins ko kaya to.. Hehe at saka wala po akong balak maging photographer. Though I want to nice camera that will take great pictures.. :)