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How to remove Facebook Theater Mode

How to remove Facebook Theater Mode

by Bon Francisco Talampas, Jr.March 14, 2011

Facebook recently released an update which makes photos to appear in a popup window under a black background, they called it Theater Mode.

And if you are one of the many users that are constantly annoyed by this format, here are the 3 simplest way to alter or disable this feature.

1. Remove &theater from the address bar. Once you click a picture on Facebook, a new page will pop up and you will notice the &theater at the end of the URL (see picture below). Delete that part from the URL and hit enter. You can now see the old Facebook picture viewer.

2. Hit F5 key to refresh the Facebook page (thanks to AxL for reminding me about this special button). Once the picture is opened in theater viewer, hit F5 on your keyboard. The page will reload and will open an old Facebook picture viewer.

3. If you are a Google Chrome user, lucky you! there is a special browser extension that will automatically do the task of disabling the theater mode. Download here.

Facebook’s idea regarding this theater mode isn’t really cool, taragis!

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