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So you want an iPad 2? – Available on Friday at PowerMac Centers in the Philippines

So you want an iPad 2? – Available on Friday at PowerMac Centers in the Philippines

by Joel MatiraApril 27, 2011

(Update: 4/27/2011)

The iPad 2: Surely you’re gonna buy one! Yes, iPad 2 is expected to be available in the Philippines at Powermac Store this coming Friday. But you have to expect also that there’s gonna be a huge lines for iPad 2 fanatics come Thursday midnight because everybody would be aiming to have one.

When I first got my hands on an iPad 2, my initial reaction was like everything is in my hands!  It seemed that iPad 2 has no true competition; it’s even farther and stronger from the other tablets. Though the first iPad was considered a big hit, I have no doubt that the iPad 2 will also be a big hit or even bigger.

Here’s one strange thing about the iPad 2, it doesn’t really look any different than the first iPad if you’re just gonna look at it, then you’ll end up concluding that the iPad 2 is really no big deal. But you have to feel it, you really have to use it before you can tell the difference. I’d say that one huge change is the thickness, it’s just like you’re holding a clipboard and cutting down its thickness from 13.4mm to 8.8mm really makes a big difference.  Also, the tapered edges of the iPad 2 feel better in your hands making the buttons on the side and top easier to use.

Some say that iPad 2 cameras are not great.  For me, it’s really awkward to use this as a replacement for your point-and-shoot camera or your smartphone camera. These cameras are built to use for FaceTime and to shoot 720p HD movies (with the back camera) which can then be edited using the new iMovie app.

Here’s another thing, two great pieces of software specifically for iPad2 now bundled into iOS 4.3: FaceTime and Photo Booth. FaceTime on the iPad 2 is really nice because the nearly 10-inch screen appears much better suited for the feature than the 3.5-inch screen of the iPhone.

The biggest changes to the hardware are the upgraded processor and RAM. The iPad2 uses the new A5 chip, which is a dual-core chip, meaning it’s much more powerful than its predecessor, the A.4 And doubling the RAM (512 Mb) makes it faster than the iPad1.


What else? Despite its new thinness, the battery life remains excellent.

Now, should you buy one? Well, you’re probably thinking at this point that everything you hear and read about the iPad 2 seems great, the hardware, software, etc. but still thinking whether to buy one or not? If you don’t have anything, then the answer is Yes.  And for those who already have an iPad 1, this is what you would want about it, a better tablet than your first.

Apple Store, One Stockton Street San Francisco, CA


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