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What Antivirus is Good?

What Antivirus is Good?

I remember, there was a time I attended a software expo in Manila, almost all industry leaders specializing Antiviruses was there, they all spoke well, introduced their products in a very appealing way, defined the strength, features and capabilities. But the last presenter got the most of everyone’s attention. He is from Symantec, creator of Norton, he said,

“We all know what’s all about Norton – it’s an antivirus and we all know that it’s on top of the choice. It’s the number 1 antivirus.”

He finished his presentation with that very short message. All agreed, uhm, I guess. Working as a university IT specialist, I’ve seen the differences among all the antiviruses available at that time and I agree with that man, yeah, Norton is the best choice.

I still remember the first time I got my installer. It came in a floppy disk. =) that suited my 486dx2 PC running 66Mhz. =) The viruses then were simple. Infected floppy disk drives would corrupt your MS DOS giving you trouble booting up your PC. Sometimes it would play the national anthem. There were times also that a surprising devil face would pop up on your screen interrupting whatever you’re doing. But today, we see the most sophisticated viruses that are really damaging to us. And worst, these viruses can delete sensitive files, steal bank information and even paralyze the entire network system.

Norton Antivirus for Windows 95. Photo by

Well, to date, there are lots of antiviruses that we can use. Though they all work with the same functions – to protect our computers, getting a paid version is still the best option. Every time someone asks me “what antivirus is good?”, I always say that there is no perfect antivirus as viruses come out everyday, but for my top choice and if you’re going to buy it, you should get the Norton product. And for the free one, I’d go for Microsoft Security Essentials, which didn’t fail me since day 1.

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Bon Francisco Talampas, Jr.
Bon Talampas, Jr. is a computer engineer, a former member of a technical team that supports a leading health care company. Prior to his stint abroad, he worked as an IT specialist and a university lecturer. Bon also holds an MBA. And aside from being a computer geek and DOTA fanatic, he spends most of his idle hours in blogging and photography. You can also read more about him at
  • BM

    yup, it’s really worth buying a legit one. am also using Microsoft Security Essentials and it’s really good tho, yeah right, it doesn’t fail.

    • BON

      absolutely right bm!

  • getting a paid version is still the best option- true… Its hard to uninstall free versions. And usually, they don’t have support options.

    • BON

      yes khanto,i agree with you! =)

  • paid version is good of course. I’m using kaspersky internet security

  • microsoft security essential. freeware as long as you have a legit windows.