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Need Server For Your Small Business? Check HP ProLiant MicroServer

Need Server For Your Small Business? Check HP ProLiant MicroServer

by Joel MatiraJune 18, 2011

It’s really a big challenge to organize and maintain multiple versions of files and you need a central storage to keep control of these files. And to solve this problem, HP offers a partial home server lifeline in the shape of the ProLiant MicroServer primarily intended for small offices or businesses.

Designed as a general purpose server, the HP ProLiant MicroServer provides a platform to organize, maintain, and safeguard all business information allowing effective communication with clients and maximizing existing equipment and resources. Also, the HP MicroServer is a cost-effective starter server for small businesses with less than 10 clients which could result in a higher level of business productivity and efficiency.

Maximize existing technology with this cost-effective and space-saving solution. It has the following features:

  • Simple to own and easy to use – having a server performance but a PC price; designed to add peripherals easy; very minimal noise level at 22dBA; space-saver.
  • Proven HP dependability and support – HP has a proven reputation by thorough system testing and process control which ensures the most dependable products for the customers through its worldwide network of HP trained service.
  • Reliability and Expandability – Error checking and correction (ECC) memory minimizes the likelihood of memory corruption; RAID 0, 1 prevents data loss and ensures around the clock reliability; Up to 4 LFF SATA pluggable hard disks and up to 8GB of RAM

The HP Proliant Microsever includes:

AMD Athlon™ II NEO N36L Processor
2 DIMM slots; 1GB (1x1GB) Standard/8GB Maximum, using PC3-10600E DDR3 Unbuffered (UDIMM) ECC memory
Embedded SATA controller with RAID 0, 1
1 HP Non-hot-plug LFF SATA Drive standard
Embedded NC107i PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

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