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Philippine DOTA 2 Team To Compete in Germany for 1 Million Dollar Prize

Philippine DOTA 2 Team To Compete in Germany for 1 Million Dollar Prize

by Khris CruzAugust 4, 2011

It was announced on August 2, 2011 that the first DOTA 2 tournament and first look to one of the highly anticipated RTS game will be held on the upcoming Gamescom trade fair which will start from August 17 to 21, 2011.  This event will be held on Cologne, Germany where 16 participating teams from all over the world hailing from Singapore, China, Denmark, Europe, Malaysia, Ukraine, Thailand and Philippines and battle it out for five days straight of double elimination.

There is much excitement on the said event especially since details about the game has been under wraps for almost a year now and it is only then that DOTA fans all over the world will have a glimpse of the new game.

It is a great pride for our country to be invited to participate in the said event and our very own Philippine team will be represented by ASUS Minesky-Infinity.

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We are looking forward to the official public launch of DOTA 2 and the first ever DOTA 2 tournament but most of all, we are rooting for ASUS Minesky-Infinity Philippine team as they participate in this prestigious event.

Let us give our all out support to them and prove to the whole world what we Filipino gamers are made of.

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  • Cheering for the Filipino gamers. Good luck!

  • Go for the gold! =)

    Goodluck guys!

  • own

    not to be a killjoy but MSKI will be having a hard time to eliminate those teams esp. Nirvana(EU) and MYM.

  • jojit

    good luck team phil!.. sayang d ako kasama hahaha!!

  • goyo

    olats mineski. Hehe.

  • akoy

    Uu nga talo ang mineski, kulang pa sa praktis! :D