Blackberry PlayBook Ultimate Sale @ $200 Comes Black Friday

Staples stores in both the US and Canada will be cutting down the price of the Blackberry Playbook to $199 starting November 18th in Canada and with the American sale starting this coming Black Friday.

The BlackBerry PlayBook went behind expectations thus forcing RIM to minimize its losses giving consumers a higher discount to sell the units. Initially launched with impressive hardware specs but OS has some feature lapses that doomed the device.

Don’t miss this chance. At $ 200 this upcoming Black Friday, you can get a 16GB version of the device. And if you need more storage space, there are deals with Staples at $299 for the 32GB model and $399 for the 64GB device. Just to experience having a decent tablet device, the price is reasonable and also a good present this Holiday season. (image courtesy of

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