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Facebook To Hit A Billion Users in 2012

Facebook To Hit A Billion Users in 2012

by Joel MatiraJanuary 16, 2012

Yeah, it’s gonna be 1 billion, that’s huge! A billion people on earth will be hooked up with FB this year, and to be precise, it will happen in August as what iCrossing, an online analytics firm, says. And it was September last year when FB had reached the milestone of 800 million users.

However, iCrossing says Facebook growth has slowed down in the United States and United Kingdom. But in the past nine months, India has added 14 million users while Brazil had another seven million.

With a billion users, Facebook is gonna rank third in population in the world behind China and India. It’s three times the population of the United States. Not only that, FB is on track to hit one billion users in just eight years surpassing the famous McDonald’s hitting one billion burgers in 10 years.

More perspectives:

  • If Facebook users were to convert to dollars, Facebook would be 20,000 times the median household income in the US.
  • If Facebook users were miles, it would have enough to do a round trip to the moon 4,000 times.
  • And on estimates worth of $17.5 billion based on the current 800 million users, each Facebook user contributes about $22 to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and could raise $4 billion or more to his future kids’ college funds this 2012.

Well, let’s just wait and find out whether these pretty awesome prospects hold true! Meanwhile, let’s be friends; like our Facebook page at .  =)

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