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Can I Play DOTA 2 in LAN? Confirmed! It’s a Big Yes!

Can I Play DOTA 2 in LAN? Confirmed! It’s a Big Yes!

by Khris CruzMarch 31, 2012

There is reason to celebrate for those DOTA 2 fanatics out there who are wondering if DOTA 2 will be providing a dedicated local area network for those who prefer LAN gaming. Valve has confirmed that they are including a LAN mode in DOTA 2.

“Dota 2 will have LAN mode,” project boss Erik Johnson told

dota2 lan support

Well, it really gets frustrating when you’re in the heat of a battle and suddenly you get delays and realize that you just get killed during choppy gameplay using virtual networks such as the popular Garena. This is indeed great news for players who prefer lag-free gaming using LAN mode.

But the question that is still bugging everyone’s mind now is when will DOTA 2 be eventually released? Well, Erik Johnson did not give an update on the game’s release date although he confirmed a second “International 2” DOTA 2 tournament which will be held around September in Seattle. Project boss Mr. Johnson said that the release date for the game is not tied with the upcoming tournament. So, we can either expect the release date to be before the tournament in September or after the tournament. Let’s just wait and see for the official release and hope that it is much earlier than expected.

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  • a plus for DOTA 2 :D

  • Cousin ko addict dito, I’ll tell him about this good news.

  • sana irelease na ang LAN nito sa lalong madaling panahon. Sa online kase kapag nag disconnect at nag reconnect wala nang item.