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Download Link of Windows 8 Consumer Preview; List of New Features

Download Link of Windows 8 Consumer Preview; List of New Features

Hey guys! Windows 8 Consumer Preview has finally kicked off.  And here’s what’s new since the Developer Preview.  The Consumer preview probably does a better job of integrating the touch-centric Metro interface and the traditional Windows Desktop interface. For tablet users, you guys will experience some very handy new touch gestures.

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview

And here are the new features that stood out among those in the latest pre-release of Windows:

  1. The Windows Store is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s App Store for iOS devices and Macs where Apps are categorized into groups like Social, Entertainment, Photos, Music & Videos, Books and reference, News, Food, Shopping, and so on. Cool!
  2. The Charms or the Windows 8’s main system menu icons have moved from the lower left corner of the screen to the center of the right edge.
  3. Semantic Zoom lets you pinch the Windows 8 Metro Start screen to more easily see all your app tiles for better organization.
  4. Running app stack gesture/mouse to top left corner to navigate all running apps.
  5. Smoother transition to Desktop, with a simple fade to black transition from Metro interface.
  6. Mouse to move Metro start tiles on Start
  7. Systemwide Spell checker. I think everybody needs this one!
  8. No More Start Button, where’d it go? When you mouse over the Start button, a new one sprouts up, looking like a mini-thumbnail of the Metro Start screen.
  9. Close app by dragging down lets touch users close a running app simply by holding a finger on its window and dragging all the way down to the bottom of the screen.
  10. Screen capture – simply press Windows Key + PrtSC to create an image file of the screen anywhere in the system.
  11. Resizable virtual Thumb keyboard- one of Windows 8’s many touch input innovations
  12. New Apps—People, Music, Mail, Messaging, SkyDrive
  13. Picture password

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Here.

But am sure you guys have already downloaded it haha. Let me know your thoughts about it too. Is it worth to upgrade? Feel free to comment.

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