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Afraid of Forgetting Your Password?

Afraid of Forgetting Your Password?

by Joel MatiraJune 3, 2012

Hey guys, have you heard about LoPa-phobia? Well, it’s about us experiencing password-overload. According to Lanoba, an authentication and sharing software company, the average user has 5 passwords including banking, accessing different sites and work files.
Fear of Forgetting Password
LoPa-phobia describes the fear and frustration associated with forgetting usernames and passwords. The study says that 62.5% of users leave logging into a site if they forget a password and 75% of respondents forget their usernames and passwords for websites, banking and on-line stores on a daily basis.

More often, some people find it annoying to remember several usernames and passwords resulting in the use of weak passwords like birthdays, phone numbers, etc. which also makes whole point of a password weak. Lanoba further says that since that there are 1 billion active users of Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter or Google, these social logins reduce the number of passwords to remember.

LoPa-phobia also affects 43% of women and 56% of men who experienced frustration and annoyance, thus 19.1% of users keep their passwords in a folder on their PC or on their mobile phones, while 16.4% keep their passwords on their wallet. This is true, I keep mine inside my wallet and my phone!

Well, it’s interesting to know these facts and I guess this really happens to most of us.

Let me share this cool video.

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  • Dami ko ring passwords at ang hirap tandaan lahat lol

  • BON

    same here! hahah. pero kailangan kase iba iba para mas safe.

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  • sa madaming password, pede ninyo try yung directpass ng Trend Micro. lols.