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Basic Photoshop Tutorial: How to use Healing Brush Tool

Basic Photoshop Tutorial: How to use Healing Brush Tool

by Bon Francisco Talampas, Jr.September 27, 2012

When we started, basic Photoshop Tutorials is one of its main purpose together with other MS Office stuff tips, and as we go along, we got busy with gadgets and technology updates, leaving the Tutorial category idle and outdated. Anyway, to start it up again, here sharing you guys one of the very basic tools in PS – the Healing Brush Tool

Oops, this tutorial is intended for beginners! So PS pros, close your eyes! =)

  • The healing brush tool lets you correct imperfections. The function and usage is almost the same with Clone Stamp tool, you use the healing brush tool to paint with sampled pixels from an image or pattern but unlike cloning tool, the healing brush tool also matches the texture, lighting, and shading of the sampled pixels to the source pixels. As a result, the healed pixels blend seamlessly into the rest of the image.

Photoshop Healing tool brush

Looking at the above pictures, facial imperfections have been corrected. How to accomplish it, see this very short video tutorial that I prepared.

Watch it in HD mode:

Photo Credit: Nasa Maria Entaban (

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