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Schneider Electric Presents Solutions to Help Future-Proof Data Centers

Schneider Electric Presents Solutions to Help Future-Proof Data Centers

by Bon Francisco Talampas, Jr.November 23, 2012

French company Schneider Electric presents StruxurewareTM software, the most comprehensive DCIM solution in the market today.
Schneider ElectricManila, Philippines. November 2012 – In today’s energy landscape, there is increasing pressure for data center managers to design and deploy solutions that keep utility bills low while meeting availability, density, and scalability targets in the shortest possible time. Data centers need an integrated management system to ensure availability and efficiency while tracking and reporting key performance metrics.

According to the “2013 Trends to Watch: Data Center Technology” report released by Ovum, the data center market will see faster growth in 2013 as the trends point to cost-savings and more efficient internal IT delivery methods such as virtualization. Similarly, the need for efficient DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solutions will increase next year as data center managers become more driven to reduce costs and improve sustainability.

To offset these challenges, Schneider Electric (SE), the global specialist in energy management, launched StruxureWareTM, the only software that integrates into one network the various components of an enterprise including intelligent monitoring, control, security cameras, power, lighting, electrical distribution, fire safety, and HVAC across most industries.

StruxureWareTM for Data Centers is a unique suite of applications the gives customers visibility into the energy and other resource use of their data centers to help them realize significant savings on capital and operation expenses.

StruxureWareTM dramatically simplifies the process of managing data centers for high availability and efficiency by delivering the right information to the right users in real time. Data center managers can do full optimization from the server, rack, and row, up to the room levels— enabling them to achieve the highest efficiency for their enterprise.

SE provides these technologies which enable companies to adapt to future needs and to increase operational performance and energy efficiency in the process. By avoiding unnecessary energy consumption and CO2 emissions, companies adhere to environmental policies and regulations which is expected to be an important factor in data center management in the coming decades.

“Schneider Electric has a clear view of the future energy and environmental challenges and we are uniquely positioned to help data center managers prepare for these challenges. With our StruxureWareTM solution, we are leading companies into an era in which they can do much more while consuming much less,” shared SE Country President Philippe Reveilhac.

For more information about Schneider Electric and the StruxurewareTM solution please visit

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