Adobe Video Certification Exams

Professionals who’re required to perform video editing services utilizing Adobe software have two options for documenting their expertise through Adobe Premier Pro certification exams. The version of Premier Pro in which they work will determine which exam is appropriate. Adobe certification exams are offered for version CS5 and CS6. Both not only validate their knowledge and skills with the product, but also confer an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification upon successful completion.

The Adobe Premier Pro CS5 exam (9A0-154) cover seven subject areas within the exam’s 54 total questions. Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 71 percent to pass the 9A0-154 exam. Topics covered on the test include video editing in both non-linear and timeline formats, as well as creating sequences, titles and audio in Premier Pro. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate they possess the skills to create effects and to output from Premier Pro to other programs.

The Adobe ACE: Premier Pro CS6 exam also covers the same seven subject areas, and does so within just 54 total questions as well. Again, with a 71 percent passing score required, the Premier Pro CS6 exam demands candidates possess the knowledge and expertise to edit videos in varying formats and to create and manipulate titles, audio, sequences and effects. Exporting from Premier Pro is also covered on the CS6 exam.

Adobe recommends candidates for either of the Premier Pro exams gain as much hands on experience with the program in which they intend to certify before taking the applicable exam. Candidates may also wish to consider the benefits of tutorials and practice exam sessions offered by exam prep services like to boost their performance on their Adobe certification exam.

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