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Microsoft Surface RT Hands-On Video

Microsoft Surface RT Hands-On Video

by Bon Francisco Talampas, Jr.January 24, 2013

Lots of things have been said and written about Microsoft Surface RT. Though the device isn’t designed for power users, I still like it. It simply accomplished things the way it should work.

The Microsoft Office is the best selling point, admittedly not the fully featured Office Professional, but it does things we normally do and need – Create new document, Edit, Save, Open, View etc. Yes, there are lots of apps for iOS and Android that are compatible for MS Office documents and do the same things, but in the end, Microsoft Office is Microsoft Office. =)

Another best thing, the Surface RT has a USB port. The USB port opens up a whole world of possibilities. Aside from being able to plug in an external USB hard drive or USB thumb drive to transfer files or add storage capacity, the USB port could also be used to add a keyboard, mouse, printer, webcam and a lot more.

Microsoft Surface

Though the USB port can be used to expand hard drive capacity, Surface RT also supports storage expansion thru MicroSDXC card slot and is hidden on the back of the Surface RT behind the kickstand plate.

Well, there still a lot more to say about Microsoft Surface RT. But to make your reading experience shorter, Watch my hands-on video and see the whole picture what this device can do for you. (Watch it in HD) ^_^

Note: It’s important to know Surface RT can’t run x86 apps, which means only apps downloaded from the Windows Marketplace are compatible.

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