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O+ Plus 8.12 Android Unboxing and Review

O+ Plus 8.12 Android Unboxing and Review

by Joel MatiraFebruary 18, 2013

Geeks, here’s another worth-buying smartphone, the O+ Plus 8.12, recently launched in the Philippines by O-Plus, a tech company in the US. And I have now its top-of-the-line unit to unbox and find out what this new mobile phone offers.

O+ Plus 8.12 Android

Basically, O+ Plus 8.12 is a 4.5-inch Android phone running on Ice Cream Sandwich and upgradeable to Jelly Bean. When I first hold the review unit, I already felt its thin and sleek body with its light weight matching its size.  It actually reminded me of my first iPhone that sticks firmly to my hand because of its side curved stylish design. And the fusion of white and black makes it look elegant and pricey.

O+ Plus 8.12 Android

O+ Plus 8.12 Android

Processor and RAM
Speed and responsiveness really do matter to me and this phone has them both. O+ 8.12 is powered by a 1GHz dual-core and 1GB of RAM. It comes with a microSD slot which can hold up to 32GB of memory large enough for my favorite apps and storage for my large files (the box comes with a free 8GB Sandisk microSD). I haven’t experienced lags while navigating from one app to another.

O+ Plus 8.12 Android

Running HD games and videos is very smooth also.  I tried playing the Dead Trigger and as expected the graphics are smooth and the screen responses quickly.  The phone uses PowerVR SGX531 GPU.

O+ Plus 8.12 GPU

Dual SIM
Having two phones in my pocket though is quite a hassle but the phone’s dual sim and dual standby capabilities made my life simpler.  Under the hood are two sim slots to accommodate both my Smart and Sun simcards.  One slot is dedicated for WCDMA and the other one is for GSM. I can now easy make calls and send messages using either of my two numbers without switching from one phone to another.

O+ Plus 8.12 Android

And seeing two different colors of signals from two networks looks pretty cool haha.  Aside from these, I can get connected also with the phone’s fast WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities.

O+ Plus 8.12 Dual SIM

Safety Certification
Familiar with “CE” logo seal? This one is really important because “CE” which stands for “Conformité Européenne” (European Conformity in French), attests that the product to which this seal is affixed has met certain safety and environmental standards including radiation standards. So, this seal assures us that this phone is safe and can be enjoyed worry-free.  And I can have this phone in my bed turned-on all night long. =)

O+ Plus 8.12 Android CE Mark

Air Shuffle Technology
The O+ 8.12 highlights a different feature that’s not present in any other smartphone, the Air Shuffle. Just with a wave of a hand in front of the phone’s camera, you can have your picture or video taken. To support this feature, have your moments captured first with its front-facing camera (1.5x zoom) and an 8.0 MP autofocus back camera (with LED Flash) which can do panoramic and continuous shots. It’s really a “taragis” factor to consider because taking picture “alone” has made easy by this feature.  And with air shuffle, browsing through pictures is also made simple and fast.

O+ Plus 8.12 Android 8 Megapixel Camera

Listening to music is a fascination and I am particular with earphones.  It’s good that the phone comes with a sturdy flat-cabled, tangle-free earphone with noise reduction silicone rubber earbuds, eliminating background noise and giving crisp and superb sound quality. And the earphone has a built-in mic and volume control.

O+ Plus 8.12 Android Earphone

Back to Air Shuffle, you can play the next track of your music and even change radio station simply by waving your hand. It’s easy, right?

Tough Screen
Another interesting feature of this phone is its being sturdy.  O+ 8.12 features a screen display made from a scratch proof and shatter-resistant material. For people who need extra care (like me) for gadgets, this feature is really a must.  With this phone, I don’t have to worry about scratches and sudden drops haha. Let me show you the video I took that really proves the phone’s toughness. I was amazed. Really impressive!

Battery Capacity
On battery life, with 1850mAh battery, I stayed up for almost two days with heavy usage in sending messages and internet browsing using WIFI, fair enough for this type of battery.

O+ Plus 8.12 CE

And showing off here are some photos I took using the 8.0 megapixel camera. For me, the shots are really clear and crisp.

Sample Shots from 8 Megapixel Camera

O+ Plus 8.12 Android Camera Shot

O+ Plus 8.12 Android Camera Shot

I also have here a short video clip of my dog to show you that the HD video recorder does work very well too.

Sample Recorded Video (720p)

Unboxing and Hands On
Watch the full video below from unboxing to hands-on.  Guys, if you see the box, it tells that O+8.12 is really a premium quality phone. Everything (starting from the box) is detailed and made to look impressive.  And for my verdict, I would definitely recommend it.  Been using the phone for almost a week and I like it. For the price of Php 11,999, it’s really gonna be a smart buy. Enjoy watching!

Here are the complete O+ 8.12 specs and plus factors:

  • 4.5″ Capacitive multi-touch Screen.
  • Air Shuffle FM Radio, Music, Photos, Camera
  • Android 4.0.4 ICS upgradable to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Dual Core
  • 1GHz processor
  • 3G
  • Quad Band
  • Dual Camera with 8.0 MP Autofocus back camera with LED Flash. Front camera with 1.5x zoom
  • Wi-Fi quick access to FB, Twitter with just a click!
  • Download unlimited apps via Android Play Store!
  • With Voice Command Navigation
  • Dual SIM
  • Up to 32GB expandable memory card
  • Easy file sharing via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Long lasting battery with 1850mAh.
  • Free 8GB SanDisk Memory Card
  • Price: Php 11,999

O+ 8.12 is now available at the following stores nationwide: MemoXpress, Games and Gadgets, Introgadgets, Ytelcom, Wiltelcom, 8telcom, Hi-Factor, Hello, Mobilizer and BSD. You can also buy it online, with FREE shipping and Cash On delivery option at

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