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Playstation 4 Controller Leaked Image

Playstation 4 Controller Leaked Image

by Tyronne DavidFebruary 15, 2013

It’s been circulating now for hours, the alleged photo of the next generation PlayStation 4 Controller.  The rumored leaked image which first seen in Destructoid.Com is said to be a picture of one of those controllers that is being tested in a device that is also said to be a development kit. One of the visible features of the controller is the LCD screen in the middle, if it’s a touchscreen or just a plain screen no one can tell yet. Another intriguing feature is the blue light at the front of the controller which bears a strong resemblance of those in the PlayStation Move.

Though the image isn’t officially confirmed by Sony, website Kotaku.Com confirmed its authenticity.

An industry source familiar with the new system tells us the photo is the real deal. But bear in mind, it may not represent the final form of the controller.

Well, everyone is really excited on what PlayStation 4 really looks like as well as its controller, the February 20 exclusive PlayStation event might finally shed lights on all the rumors and leaks. So, how about you guys, what’s your expectation on this new game console?

Playstation 4 controller

Alleged photo of PlayStation 4 Controller. (image credit:

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