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Sony Might Release the new PlayStation 4 on February 20 Event!

Sony Might Release the new PlayStation 4 on February 20 Event!

by Tyronne DavidFebruary 2, 2013

There have been lots of leaks and rumors about the upcoming PlayStation 4. If you’re planning to buy a new gaming console or particularly the PlayStation 3, you may consider halting your plan as Sony is gearing up a PlayStation-exclusive event on February 20 in New York.

Though not clearly stated that it’s the launching of the PlayStation 4, it did confirm that we will “see the future” of PlayStation in a teaser video released alongside the invitations. No doubt, we’re all expecting the company to unveil its next-generation PlayStation 4 video game console during the event.

Last April, there were reports that the new console would be called Orbis, and that it would be built around an AMD CPU array with a Radeon graphics processor.

PlayStation 4

According to Digital Foundry’s source, Orbis or the new PlayStation 4 has the following specs: Eight-core AMD processor at 1.6GHz, Radeon HD hardware with 18 Compute cores, a custom GPU-esque Compute module, and 4GB DDR5, with 512MB reserved for the OS.

BGR also reported that PlayStation 4 will come equipped with 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and 1080p HD resolution in 3D at 60 fps.

Meanwhile, as we all wait for the February 20 event, check out Sony’s teaser video below. Well, geeks, are you ready to say goodbye to PS3 and pick up a new PS4?

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