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W838 Watch Phone Review, Price, Features, Availability

W838 Watch Phone Review, Price, Features, Availability

by Bon Francisco Talampas, Jr.March 23, 2013

Hey guys, been using this watch phone for over a week now and I could really say it’s a nice and cool gadget.  This is the W838 Watch Phone we got from ChinaBuye.Com, an online store that sells affordable china-made gadgets.

W838 Watch Phone

The W838 Watch Phone is a java-based water resistant, quad-band phone powered by MTK6253 processor. I searched for the clock details of this chip and found out that it runs at 208MHz, woaah! It’s far behind the usual 1GHz phone processor, but of course this is just a simple watch phone and it doesn’t require intensive processing chores – so the MTK6253 is a practical choice. The display features a 1.5 inch OLED resistive touch screen with 260K colors. It is supported by 600mAh Li-Ion battery that could last up to 5 days in standby mode and once it’s juiced up, it only requires an hour to fully charge.

W838 Watch Phone Charging Time

The watch phone’s overall design is well-built with stainless steel material and coupled with highly durable rubber strap. It’s actually bigger than I expect. The metal finish brings goodness to the design, it looks premium.  The rubber straps are finely screwed in the main body giving a sturdy look. It finely fits in my wrist. It weighs 112g, not too heavy, just the same feel of wearing a normal watch.

W838 Watch Phone Design

There are two physical buttons located at the right side that functions as “ok” and “return” keys. The 1.3 megapixel camera is placed in the middle of that two buttons. Other phone features can be navigated using the on-screen menus. The watch phone uses “resistive” touchscreen which means it needs a harder touch pressure, an almost obsolete technology but still useful in most affordable phones like this.

W838 Watch Phone Buttons

The watch phone features 8 main menus namely:

  1. Multimedia (Camera, Image Viewer, Video Recorder, Video Player, Audio Player, Sound Recording, FM Radio)
  2. Organizer  (File Manager, Calendar, Task, Alarm, Calculator, E-book Reader, World Clock)
  3. Settings (Pen Calibration, Phone Settings, User Profiles, Network Settings, Security Settings, Connectivity, Restore Factory Settings)
  4. Services (SIM Menu, Internet Service)
  5. Phonebook
  6. Fun &Games (MSN, Java, Java Settings, Java Network, Games)
  7. Call Center  (Call History, Call Settings)
  8. Messaging  (Write Message, Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, MMS, Broadcast Message, Templates, SMS Settings)

The Watch

On standby mode, the phone shows an illuminated analog and digital clock. The digital clock mode features basic touch screen menus like SMS, phonebook, mp3 player, call history, phone and camera. As a kid, I remember that choosing for the best watch, the hands of the clock and marker should be glow in the dark. =)  My brother and I would usually go inside the blanket during night time and shows off who have the brightest illuminated watch. This W838 watch phone beats all our previous tritium based watches haha. It does have an alarm too.  Forget about the usual teeteeeteeet-teeteeeteet sound, it features a loud phone alarm accompanied by vibration which I find useful and dependable.

W838 Watch Phone Analog Clock

Portable MP3/Mp4 Player

I was stunned when I saw the interface of MP3 player, it’s really commendable. And the audio is impressive considering that this watch phone is a very small device. Hindi sya tunog lata. The package also comes with headphone which you can use for mp3s and FM radio and of course for doing regular voice call.

W838 Watch Phone MP3 Player

Aside from using the headphone and speakerphone in the call feature, W838 watch phone can also be connected to any standard Bluetooth headset device. =) So, no worries if you hate those wires outlined from your ears to your arms. The Bluetooth accomplishes the total mobility.

This watch phone can even play MP4 videos. There is also a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera which can shoot and produce 640×480 pixels photo.  You can also record 3GP videos. W838 watch phone comes with 2GB microSD card and you can upgrade it up to 8GB but you need to unscrew everything in the back but by doing that, you might lose its silicone shield which helps keeping it waterproof.  You can access the microSD card via USB cable and you can connect it to PC to upload and download files.

Phone feature

As mentioned, W838 is a quad-band phone supporting 800, 900, 1800, 1900MHz (it’s too much to ask for 3G – it’s not, and there’s no Wi-Fi but there’s GPRS). Just like the iPhone 4/4S, W838 watch phone uses micro SIM (I intentionally associated it with iPhone) haha. And like the usual phone, it supports basic features such as caller ID, call history, MP3 ringtones, Vibrate, SMS Alert, MMS, Phonebook, etc.

The Harder Part

Aside from Call feature, yes, you can send and receive SMS with this watch phone. Receiving and reading messages is ok and can easily be done, but composing message? Argh! Taragis, the QWERTY keys are too small for fingers and it’s really hard to make it without the help of stylus which unfortunately not included in the package. But what’s good in the resistive touch screen is you can use almost anything to let it respond (stick, ballpen, stylus, toothpick work also haha), but please don’t use niddle or sharp pin, you can damage the screen.

UPDATE: There is a Stylus! (taragis!) I  finally found it  =)

W838 Watch Phone Stylus

W838 Watch Phone Stylus


We cannot set aside the statement that it is a China phone, an OEM affordable product. For external appearance, I could say the physical built looks tough and well-constructed and couldn’t be easily worn-out. The internals is a different issue, it’s beyond my assurance. For the waterproof feature, better not to take risk, I couldn’t suggest that you go on a summer swimming wearing this one.

W838 Watch Phone Hands-On Video

W838 Watch Phone Specifications and Features

  • Quad band, Network: GSM850/ 900 / 1800/ 1900MHZ
  • Single SIM Card with 1.3 million pixels Camera
  • 1.5 inch Touch screen
  • Processor Chip MT6253
  • Built in 2GB memory
  • Screen Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
  • Support JAVA / Bluetooth / FM Radio function
  • Audio File format : MP3 / MIDI
  • Video File format : 3GP / MPEG4 (AVI
  • Image File format : JPEG / BMP / GIF
  • E-book format : TXT
  • FM Radio 85-110 MHz (Worldwide)
  • Data Transfer : USB / Bluetooth
  • Input : Handwriting
  • Support Video recorder, Sound recorder
  • Messaging: SMS ,MMS
  • Multi-language
  • Connectivity: GPRS / WAP
  • Support TF card up to 8GB
  • Multimedia: MP4 Player , MP3 Player
  • Stand-by Up to 120 h
  • Talk time Up to 2 h
  • Other function: Calendar, Alarm, Calculator, E-book, Tasks, Game , MSN, Word Clock
  • Battery: Li-Ion 3.7V 600mAh
  • Dimensions: 15.8x 45 x 49 mm
  • Weight: 112g (including battery
  • Waterproof Grade: IP67

Available Colors

W838 Watch Phone Colors
Should You Buy?

Watch phone could be the next generation gadget as we’re hearing lots of buzz about it lately; like Apple is on its way on developing the rumored iWatch, Samsung just confirmed that it’s looking forward for this kind of technology, as well as Sony which promised for an improved version of its smart watch. W838 Watch Phone is a very nicely made gadget. It looks premium and could really perform its intended use as a phone and a watch. Of course not an advanced device but with its price tag of $95 (approx: Php 3,895) taragis, it looks amazing, high tech and trendy.  Though I could easily say it’s worth buying, I couldn’t suggest that you stick with it as your primary phone.  W838 is a fashion watch phone and it’s safe to say that you can use it primarily as a watch with added cool phone features. =)

Note: The product ships from ChinaBuye.Com, the usual order process takes 5 business days + shipping days, though shipping is FREE world wide via standard mail service it could take weeks or month to arrive and no tracking number.  I suggest you take the DHL delivery option (16$ fee in PH), it can be tracked online and delivered within 3-4 days.

DISCLAIMER: Chinabuye.Com isn’t affiliated nor connected with Taragis.Com, buying from the site is at buyer’s discretion.

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