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Nokia to Finally Abandon Symbian OS

Nokia to Finally Abandon Symbian OS

by Joel MatiraJune 15, 2013

Nokia smartphone users, this time Nokia says it’s final. The Finnish phone maker is expected to stop shipping Symbian smartphones this summer while the Nokia 808 PureView would be the company’s last Symbian-based smartphone to have produced.

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Though the company did not confirm that Symbian smartphone shipments would soon come to end, Nokia acknowledged that that the company won’t be producing another phone running on the same platform. “The last Symbian phone we introduced was the Nokia 808 PureView and that’s fitting,” Nokia’s statement on TechHive.

On the first quarter of 2013, Nokia has only shipped 500,000 Symbian smartphones far behind to the heights that Symbian once claimed in 2008, when the Symbian OS was operating on more than 200 million smartphones worldwide, largely attributed to Nokia. At this point, Nokia struggles to find a strategy to maintain Symbian’s relevance and advantage over Android and iOS attacks.

Aside from Windows Phone, Nokia also produces low-end smartphones like Asha 501, a newly released device running on Asha platform. However, Nokia admits that although Symbian has a number of users, Windows Phone responds more flexible and allows the company to adapt to the fast-changing smartphone world.

It typically took 22 months to get a Symbian phone out of the door. With Windows Phone, it is less than a year. We spend less time having to tinker with deep-lying code and more time on crafting elements of the experience that make a big difference.  A Nokia spokesperson stated.

And take note of this, Nokia’s support for Symbian phones is expected to last until 2016.

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