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Confirmed: Nokia Lumia 1020 ‘EOS’ with 41 Megapixel Camera

Confirmed: Nokia Lumia 1020 ‘EOS’ with 41 Megapixel Camera

by Joel MatiraJuly 5, 2013

Geeks, smartphone and camera enthusiasts, Nokia is most likely launching another smartphone with 41-megapixel camera this July. Expected to come out since February, the rumored smartphone initially labelled as the EOS is now called Nokia Lumia 1020, a Windows Phone device with the same high-resolution image sensor with that of Nokia’s 808 Pureview.

Nokia Lumia 1020

And in addition to this huge 41-megapixel sensor, Lumia 1020 is expected to have a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 32GB of integrated storage and 4.5-inch screen with a 1280-by-768-pixel resolution. Also rumored camera feature is its capability to take a full resolution image and a 5-megapixel image at the same time. This feature allows users to save one with optimum quality and at the same time use the other one for online sharing. With these features, the camera gives the most interesting function.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Back

It seems that Nokia is now used to adapt the technology behind Windows Phone, specifically adding functions like optical image stabilization since the launch of the 808 PureView. And this feature also is found among Nokia’s current high-end Lumia devices. Abandoning Symbian and switching to Windows Phone became a significant factor for Nokia devices.

Nokia and other other smartphone manufacturers like HTC and Samsung Electronics are seen to be more focused on the camera, of course with improved hardware and software features and specs. This is probably a strategy to differentiate their products from the competition highlighting camera to stand out among all hardware features.

Malik Saadi, analyst with market research company Informa Telecoms & Media says,

I think it will have a significant impact on Lumia sales if it is priced right, simply because the audience that wants a two-in-one device with a good smartphone and a good camera is quite big.

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