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App Runtime for Chrome: How To Run Android Apps in your Google Chrome Browser

App Runtime for Chrome: How To Run Android Apps in your Google Chrome Browser

by Edsar BondocApril 4, 2015

Google has released a tool that lets you run Android Apps right in your Chrome Browser. It is called App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) for developers to try how their applications behave. The App Runtime for Chrome is still in beta stage as you may experience some inconveniences while using it. To run your desired app, you need to have the following:

1. Android app APK
2. PC , Mac, Linux plus Chrome Browser or Chromebook on Chrome Version 40+
3. The ARC Welder app

Launch the ARC Welder app once it is installed in your Google Chrome browser. You will be prompted with a very simple User Interface that would ask you to upload your app APK.

ARC Welder App App Runtime for Google Chrome

After clicking ADD your APK, you need to locate your downloaded or saved APK, just select it and click OPEN. Give it a few moment to load, then after loading your APK, you will prompted to select the Orientation, Form Factor, and Clipboard Access. If you have already set these options, just click Launch App and enjoy your Android app from your Google Chrome Browser.

Flappy Bird Google Chrome

Just keep in mind that progress is not being saved once you close the app or ARC Welder. One more thing is that heavy resource games do not play well but 2D and some Social Media Apps run smoothly.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the needed tools and try it on your own. Share with us your experiences using the ARC in the comments section below.

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