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Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Review: Get the best of both worlds for Php 4999!

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Review: Get the best of both worlds for Php 4999!

by Ethel Kate CruzNovember 30, 2015

Have you ever heard of a device wherein you can choose what operating system you would want to use? Well, be amazed now! Because Cherry Mobile released late September 2015 a gadget that features Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 Kitkat OS. Yes geeks, both operating systems are present in MAIA Smart Tab – an 8-inch tablet that is powered by Intel Atom 1.6 GHz Quad Core 64 bit CPU. And what’s more surprising is its capability to boot in Android and Windows.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Unboxing

Considering the price of P4,999, the MAIA Smart Tab is designed for consumers with low budget but want something that is impressive enough. And hey, don’t forget that you’re gonna have a gadget that has Intel’s Z3735F chipset paired with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM which is still expandable via a MicroSD card up to 32GB. Now, that is already SOMETHING ha!

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Windows OS

As far as the design is concerned, it has an 8-inch IPS LCD screen with 1,280×800 resolution that displays vibrant and vivid colors, and not the usual dull display that most tablets of the same price offer.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Display

Controls are typically located – the power button and volume rocker are both found on the upper right side.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Buttons

It has a Windows button at the lower part, just below the bezel, that functions as Home button when the user is on Windows OS.


Meanwhile, when running on Android OS, the usual three capacitive buttons has an additional button for “Screen Shot” feature, so they’re four all in all. These can be found at the bottom of the screen display.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Android Kitkat

On the top of the device is where the 3.5mm audio jack and USB port located.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Camera

The device has a non-removable plastic back plate making it a little inexpensive to look at, though this is just the normal design for most of the tablets in the market. The MicroSD slot for additional memory is  placed in the back.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab MicroSD Card Slot

I find it easy to hold because of the indentation on the sides and although it is quite big, its weight is on the average so it’s not that hard to carry around.

The 5.0mp main camera is a little off since photo resolutions are a bit dim especially when inside the building. I guess a little editing is needed to have that perfect picture everyone prefers. The same goes with the 2.0mp front camera which provides images that are quite pixelated, but of course that’s as much as what a low-priced device can provide, and we have to take note that that is not the main feature of the tablet.

Playing music on loud speaker mode is not very outstanding since it has only one small speaker located in the back of the device. But things change when you put on ear phones because music resolution is very good, meaning the volume is better.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Speaker grill

I tried the device mostly using the Android OS and I must say its performance is commendable. Going from one application to another is smooth, it also helps that the LCD screen is very responsive. Though I experienced a few lags, I think it is normal considering the many applications that are open during such period.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Android Apps

The MAIA’s 3,800mAH battery is also something to look forward to. Browsing social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram with the WiFi on, and a few other apps open, for about one and a half hour ate up 25% of the battery. An almost 2-hour movie made the battery went from 78% to 39%. Playing games such as Temple Run for 20 minutes took out 17%.

Switching from one OS to another is very easy. Both systems has shortcut keys found on the desktop in the case of Windows, and on the drop down navigation buttons for the Android OS, that with just a single touch can make the Smart Tab change to another OS.

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Android OS

MAIA’S Windows OS features the same things a PC running on Windows 8.1 offers. It comes with a redeemable Microsoft Office 365. This device is very useful for students who can’t live without the basic Windows applications such as MSWord, Excel and PowerPoint.  School-related stuffs can be easily done just by connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and voila they can have an instant netbook for thesis and research. But I do have one concern, the font display is quite small when on Windows, but I think it’s because it only fits the size of the device.


I think what makes Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab outstanding is its strong internal hardware, especially considering its price. Yes, its competitors offer the same specs BUT double the price of this gadget. So yeah, at P4,999, this is a must-recommend device.

Available at all Cherry Mobile concept stores and selected kiosks nationwide, get yours now!

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