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O+ M Unboxing Video and Review: O Plus’ First Marshmallow Phone below 5K

A couple of weeks ago, O Plus has introduced its newest smartphone powered by the Google’s latest OS – Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the O+M, and today, we’ll be sharing some insights about this device before you decide getting one, as it’s already out in the market carrying a price tag of Php 4,995.

O+ M Unboxing Video


Even though it belongs to a budget smartphone line up because of a sub 5k price, the phone’s exterior design is exceptional – something O Plus never disappoints. The phone has the design language that matches up simplicity and sophistication. It’s thin and lightweight.

O+ M Review

Placed at the right edge of the smartphone are the metallic power button and volume rocker.

O+ M Review

The bottom edge of the O+ M houses the microphone pinhole and the MicroUSB port that’s used for both charging the smartphone and connecting it to a computer, unfortunately, you can’t utilize it for OTG devices as this device doesn’t support USB OTG.

O+ M Review

The back cover is made of durable plastic banded with silver lining on the sides making it appear elegant and corporate. The metallic frame and the back plate texture remind me the looks and feel of Zenfone Max white edition.

O+ M Review

O+ M Review

As for the rear camera, the 8-megapixel sensor is encircled with shiny silver metal bringing out the best looks that the camera could ever have.

O+ M Review

At the bottom front side, you will find the three capacitive keys for Back, Home and Recent Apps, these are placed inside the touch area of the 5-inch display.

O Plus Marshmallow Review

The left edge is completely free of any port or button, while the top edge houses the 3.5 mm audio jack, the box comes with free standard earphones.


And with regard to the built-in audio, the four-line speaker grill stretching wide in the back of the phone throws out an impressive amount of sound.



As for the display, it packs a 1280 x 720 display resolution, it isn’t full HD but everything is crisp and colors are real and lifelike. As for the readability of texts outdoor, you’ll be assured that you won’t have issues seeing the display in bright sunlight. Overall, every aspect of the screen is very well detailed, as colors are rich and vibrant.


Speed and Performance

If you’re just a standard phone user, the O+ M is as good as you would possibly need a phone to be. It is packed with 1.4 Gigahertz quad core processor coupled with 1GB RAM and Mali-400 MP GPU. Quad-Core CPUs promise blistering speed specially when coupled with high RAM capacity. As for casual performance, swiping between screens or loading websites, the phone does not show any sign of struggles and never stuttered, the keywords are – it doesn’t lag,. Additionally, the handset does not heat up much.


And if you enjoy typical gaming on the go, this phone won’t disappoint you, and popular titles such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale run smoothly.

For speed junkie out there, here’s a benchmark that should get your interest: Testing it with AnTutu, it reached 25050.


The device has 16GB of internal storage, it’s above the usual 8GB offered by other brands within the same price range. And to beef up storage capacity, O Plus has included also a free 16GB microSD card.


Connectivity: Call, Data 3G/HSPA+

O+ M supports dual SIM functionality with connectivity features of 3G/HSPA+ network. Sound during calls is rich through the earpiece, as well as an ensuring comment from the other line that they can hear me clearly, even the loudest environments.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

At its core, O+ M is running Android 6 Marshmallow. Though Android Marshmallow is visually similar to Lollipop, the Google’s material design language is now more extensive. The app drawer in Marshmallow is now in a vertical scrolling list as opposed to the paginated horizontal list that Lollipop has. You can scroll through the list or use a new scrubber bar on the right to jump to a particular letter of the alphabet.



The device comes with a 2,500mAh non-removable battery. Though I didn’t put the phone into an extensive battery test, but I can say that it could manage to deliver a daylong operation.



Camera is an essential piece in the smartphone; it’s one of the features we’re enquiring about every time there’s a new device coming out. O+ M hasn’t left behind when it comes to this feature, the 8MP shooter though a little reduced sensor than the usual 13MP is an exceptional fixture. The rear shooter takes first-rate pictures. I’ll let the sample shot below speak for itself.

Should you buy one?

At Php 4,995, this device can definitely fight with other local quad-core smartphones in the same price category. In our review inventory, this is the first local phone with Android Marshmallow OS that is priced below 5K that seems like unbeatable value when you consider its rich feature-set and good all-round performance. I’m giving my thumbs up with this phone!

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