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Nokia 3310: When the past comes back!

Nokia 3310: When the past comes back!

by Bon Francisco Talampas, Jr.February 27, 2017

Taragis, it’s back! the Nokia 3310 — a once beloved phone model 17 years ago has relaunched as a new, colorful phone for sale by HMD Global.

The new Nokia 3310 features a design that draws heavily from that of the original 3310; it comes with a full set of physical buttons. Just like it’s famous predecessor, it promises durability and long battery life, according to its makers, it boasts 22 hours of talk time and an incredible one month standby time, per charge.

The phone has a slightly bigger screen than its namesake, and in color this time. It also has a 2megapixel camera on the back, which the original did not. It does have a removable back cover and battery.

And yes, it has a Snake game, and though the phone now supports microSD storage of up to 32GB and can play MP3s, there is not much else you can do on the phone other than makes calls, send texts and maybe surf the web a little bit. It only runs on Nokia’s new Series 30+ software, rather than Android and has 2G internet speed.

Nokia 3310 Specs:

  • 2.4inc curved window with polarized layer for better readability in sunlight
  • Push buttons and iconic, shaped design
  • 2 MP camera with LED flash
  • Headphone jack
  • Available as both single SIM and dual SIM variants
  • 2G connectivity for calling and texting
  • Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
  • All-new UI with nods to the original
  • Battery life, with up to 22 hours talk time
  • FM radio and MP3 player for music
  • 16 MB storage3 plus a MicroSD card slot with support up to 32 GB
  • Size 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm

The phone will cost about Php2,400- Php3,000 in the Philippines, expected release is on the second quarter of 2017.

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