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BEWARE: Phishing Emails Targeting BPI Clients

BEWARE: Phishing Emails Targeting BPI Clients

The recent BPI’s system glitch outbreak has re-emerged some email phishing scams meant to prey on unsuspecting BPI Express Online users. These Phishing e-mails are sent to trick targeted individuals into revealing personal and financial information.


BPI Phishing Email

Phishing scams are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out your personal information such as your bank account numbers, passwords and credit card numbers.

To avoid phishing attacks, never use links in an email to connect to a website unless you are absolutely sure they are authentic. As a safe practice, open a new browser window and type the URL directly into the address bar. Often a phishing website mimics the design and look of the original website – look at the address bar to make sure that it carries the official domain address. According to BPI, it will never ask its users to login to their online accounts through embedded links nor secure personal and/or banking information via unsolicited emails.

BPI’s official web addresses are:

Always be cautious on emails asking for confidential information such as your username and password, card number and pin etc. Banks won’t ask for your information unless you’re the one contacting them. And as a general rule, passwords and PINs should not be disclosed to anyone even with the bank’s legitimate employees.

You should not also fall into scare tactics, often phishing email sends out message of account deactivation if not complied, or delay services until you update certain information. Be sure to contact your bank directly to confirm the authenticity of the email request.

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